Welcome to Kean Oasis Union Church! My name is Dave Butler, Lead Pastor and church planter at  here,  ROC and Oasis Church , and I want to thank you for checking us out!

Kean Oasis is a brand new church plant started from  in Fall 2019,  under the guidance of Oasis Church leadership.  We meet Saturdays 5:30PM at 1264 Victor Ave in Union, NJ.

WHO IS Kean Oasis FOR?

In one word…EVERYONE! KO seeks to compassionately share Jesus and His love with college students and all those in the Kean community.  Interested in being a part of all of the exciting things going on around here? Contact us at 732-406-7821.

Finally,  I want you to know that you are safe here.  I know when checking out a new fellowship folks can feel a little out of place, and maybe even a little nervous. No need here. We’re a laid back bunch and real friendly, so you will fit right in here. 🙂